FedPro, Inc.

FedPro - Tough, reliable thread sealants, lubricants, premium cleaners and performance chemicals.

Located and manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio, FedPro, Inc. made its first can of Gasoila® Hard Set thread sealant in 1915. Since then, FedPro, Inc. has grown to include a diversified portfolio of trusted, leading brands for retail and industrial markets.

For over 100 years, FedPro, Inc. has proudly manufactured small batches of products to meet the high quality standards set by its founders and trusted by its customers. FedPro, Inc.’s portfolio of premium cleaners, thread sealants, PTFE tapes, lubricants and performance chemicals have become the products of choice in the petroleum, plumbing, LP gas, automotive, hardware, household and consumer, and general industrial markets. For more information, visit fedpro.com.

For Everseal preapplied sealants, visit www.eversealsealants.com.

For Thred Taper products, visit www.thredtaper.com.

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FPC International, Inc.

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