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Thank you for considering FPC International, Inc. as a possible next step in your career! Having the right team in place is key to our success and our employees are integral in helping us to differentiate ourselves in our competitive markets!

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Our Employees:

“I have been employed with JB Products for 11 years, and from day one it was clear this company has compassion for its employees and a desire to see them grow and succeed. Advancement opportunities are common. I was promoted to production manager through hard work and ambition. Additionally, diversity is welcomed here and plays an important role in the strong foundation we’ve built and our ability to satisfy customers. Our team comprises employees of all ages. As newcomers gain maturity and experience, the veteran members of JB Products pass on their wisdom to keep the company growing.”

Shelly, Production Manager, JB Products hired in 2007

“As a Research Chemist for FedChem, I enjoy the challenges of developing new products and new markets for the global economy. FedChem provides a stimulating environment with an emphasis on teamwork and support to achieve success in our goals.”

Greg, Sr. Technical Services Scientist, FedChem, hired in 1998

“I love working for FedChem because the company makes me feel as though I am part of a great team that cares about quality. I’m counted on to perform my duties without being pressured to work so fast that I make mistakes. I am proud to work for this company.”

Mel, Chemical Operator, FedChem hired in 2017

“The employees at JB Products are like one big family. We care about each other, we help each other and we work together as a team to offer the best customer service around.”

Lynn, Sr. Customer Service Representative, JB Products hired in 2001

Our Benefits

FPC International, Inc. offers comprehensive benefit programming to all our employees. We provide our employees with a choice of competitive medical plans which include an optional wellness program, dental, short and long term disability, 401(k), a generous Paid Time Off (PTO) plan as well as 10 holidays per calendar year.

Our Culture

FPC International, Inc. is a family friendly environment. We value collaboration, teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our dress code is business casual except on Fridays which is casual. Our employees are the lifeblood of FPC and we have several who have many years of service within each of our locations.

Our Mission

FPC International, Inc. exists to empower our family of companies to develop leading brands and products.

Our Vision

FPC International, Inc. is becoming a business growth engine that is fueled by strategic sales that fill specific market needs, innovative development of proprietary brands and smart acquisitions.

Our Values
F: Family Approach: We build relationships to empower our employees
P: Patient Strategy: We intentionally invest for long-term growth rather than short-term gain
C: Cultivate Companies: We nurture companies for scalable success

Interview and Resume Tips:

Interviewing can be nerveracking experience, and we certainly understand that!  Here are some ideas to help alleviate your stress: