Federal Process Investment Criteria


The FPC International, Inc. Advantage

  • As a family-owned, multi-generational company, the principals of FPC International, Inc. are intimately familiar with the issues surrounding the sale of a business and the impact that a sale may have on all stakeholders
  • FPC International, Inc. prides itself on recognizing and developing excellent management teams and creating an environment that promotes entrepreneurship throughout the organization
  • The company seeks to create value by enhancing sales and marketing, contributing operational expertise as needed and integrating back office functions to create operating synergies
  • FPC International, Inc. is well capitalized and seeks to conservatively leverage businesses to provide financial flexibility to pursue growth

Investment Criteria


  • Niche companies with branded products and established market positions
  • Family or closely-held enterprises seeking to exit and continue their company‚Äôs legacy, with the opportunity for existing management to remain and benefit from future growth
  • Orphan divisions of larger companies with defensible market positions
  • Industry agnostic, with a preference for specialty chemicals or building products related companies
  • Companies with EBITDA of less than $5 million and EBITDA margins of 10% or greater